Thursday, July 19, 2007


why is it that the only way to get anyone to lend you money is to already have enough? I mean, if I didn't have so much debt, then I wouldn't need anyone to lend me any money. And if I made more money, I wouldn't need any one to lend me more money. The reason that I'd like to have someone lend me a significant amount of cash is because, well, I could really use a significant amount of cash. But no, my debt to income ratio is too high! Well, duh, that's why I need the money you jackass! So, really, if anyone out there has about $25k I could borrow to put a serious dent in that damn ratio, then please, let me know. Cause, honestly, I'm good for it.

Friday, July 06, 2007

this is why i'm lazy...

christ! i've had that damn bike back for two months and i'm just getting around to posting that I've got it back. And there's a story in there, too. what's my problem? anyway, yeah, got the bike back, ride it everyday...thanks jesus. :-0