Wednesday, July 06, 2005

just a quickie

yah, i haven't fallen off the earth, at least I think I haven't. Been real busy at work, and since there's no internet in my humble abode, I'm relegated to bloggin' at the workplace; which i've heard can get you fired these days. Anyway, that's the reason for such few and far between updates. I wish I could be more dilegent, and plan on being over the next few weeks. Even if it means staying late! Heaven forbid.

Anyway, lots in the works and lots to report. Another super fantastic shindig occured on 38th Street last weekend. Alas, a meeting of the sin-laws. There's a jewelry store in the works. 38th Street may not be on 38th Street much longer. And...I heard rookie-homerowner's got a girlfriend. OH BOY!

More to come on these topics soon, but I just wanted to let any "loyal readers" (hah!) know that I didn't fall of the earth. Just in the background, makin' it happen.

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