Tuesday, October 04, 2005

something I noticed today, i was sitting out on Liberty Ave at a coffee shop watching traffic. do you ever stop and look at who drives past? or rather, how many vehicles with one person in them will pass you in any given length of time? it's really quite atrocious iif you think about it. dozens upon dozens of vehicles flying past you, some threatenting to kill whole families ( if you think i'm kidding ask the guy's whose baby stroller almost gotted crushed while walking through a cross walk) And subsequently no one in this town actually knows what a cross-walk is. The only one that actually works has giant flashing lights around a sign that actually explains how a cross walk should be used.

But, without digressing too much, the point is that if human beings on the whole don't realize that driving around a gratuitously large, four seat vehicle all to themselves isn't actually doing any good, then we're all pretty much screwed. My only hope is that some of these people might feel the slightest bit of guilt for personally polluting, threatening, and generally making an aggressive and unpleasant environment for themselves and those around them. I watch my gas needle slowly fade down to that "e" marker and hope that someday i too will do my part to eliminate gasoline from the planet. I pray for the backlash, I've got to laugh when I find out that the government of this country is directly causing the demise of the lifestyle it so lavishly up-holds. Check out the article on the ice deliveries that were supposed to make it to the gulf coast to help hurricane victims. If that's not a fubar situation i don't know what is. I know some people out there have already made this point much more apparently than i have. I'm just trying to equate it to my city streets.
I don't want these people and their cars so suffer unneccesarily, I just want them to understand. I guess that's just the luxury that "they" want you to afford yourself. The ability to be totally, and completely oblivious to what's going on around you. To be so caught up in that which is right in front of your eyes that there is no way you could possibly relate it to any kind of foreign policy, or governmental decision making. I mean, if there's not some Iraqi on my doorstep with a sign that says, "There's no more Gasoline. Go Fuck Yourself!", then why the hell shouldn't I get in my car to go get some WonderBread for Bobbi Sue and Randy??

Some nights I pray for EMP shockwaves to wipe out technology back to the early 20th century, a lot of times I wish the oil wells would all just totally dry up. But on good days, I just wish everybody would just have a bicycle to ride to work.

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