Thursday, December 07, 2006

Timing is everything

Every once in a while some coincidence comes around and, even if it's a real small one, it can really freak me out. Quite some time ago I spoke to a long time native Pittsburgher about working up a new tattoo for me. And he kinda fell of the earth after I gave him some preliminary desgin ideas, ie. this etching. So I wasn't really thinking much of it, not hearing from the kid and all. We've all got so many irons in the fire, I just figured I'd getting around to dropping him a line eventually. Which is what I was going to do this morning, you know, just to say what's up and all. And before I could get to the "compose mail" button, there's an email from him! I mean, I know its not really that big a deal, shearly a coincidence, but stuff like that always gets to me a little more then you'd think.
One of things that always gets to me, and one of the concepts I had on a list of things that may be incorporated into this tattoo design is the vast number of human beings that exists in the world. I think that its something that people often take for granted. Like, "well duh! there's like millions of people in the world. It's like always been that way!" But the simple fact that there are so many souls out there, isn't it more amazing that coincidence if even a possibility? It would seem by that logic that either everything is coincidence or everything is meant for a reason. right? I mean I guess that doesn't really leave any room for gray area. But really, it's all about shading anyway.

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