Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

good morning, happy easter and all that jazz. Hope everyone has a chance to take a break, enjoy some peace and quiet and maybe a chance to reflect on what its all about... not easter per se, but the big picture. Like Serj Tankian, not saving the world, but at least thinking about it. Him and Tom Morello have a good thing going. I think its called the Axis of Justice. They've got a podcast out as well. In the midst of all this conspicuous consumption, a backlash is inevitable. I just read in News of the Weird that there's a mushrooming of McCulture in India's middle class right now. People are blowing there entire salary on Gucci and Prada while India has the highest population of brutaly poor citizens, diamond encrusted gucci dog bowls are for sale even while there are more strays in India than anywhere else in the world. Anyone else see a problem with this? Well anyway. Happy Easter, Yeah Jesus, and certainly, God Bless America!!

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