Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pittsburgh Wiki and Richard Chen

My experience has led me to believe that Pittsburgh has a demoted sense of self-worth. And to be completely honest I think it had lasted quite effectively until a few years ago with the Steelers won the SuperBowl. Finally, the dam broke and Pittsburgh has realized that it may actually have something very unique to offer the rest of the country. Courtesy of PopCity, two articles have demonstrated, at least to me, that Pittsburgh is on the up and up. Apparently, there is a new restaurant being open by Richard Chen called Richard Chen's Pan Asian Cuisine. This guy is a pretty big deal, he's the Exec. Chef of the Wynn Hotel in Vegas and he's bringing in Simon Lewis from the UK to " part of Pittsburgh's restaurant scene." In other Pittsburgh news, check out the Pittsburgh Wiki. An interesting Wiki concept to focus on traffic and transportation issues throughout the city. All this leads me to think it may be worth sticking around for a while.


Jessica said...

the food is sub average and outrsgrously priced for food portion and quality.

Stephanie said...

I thought it was delicious. Especially the lobster. Dessert there is really good too.