Thursday, June 16, 2005

If you blog it, it will come

There is a difference between being stagnant and unhappy with your lot in life (we've all been there), and being perfectly happy, content, and comfortable, yet not feeling challenged. I believe right now I'm falling into the second half of that equation. I've covered all the major milestones that my early and mid-twenties has had to offer. I'm for once, really happy. I know that sounds kind of sad, like the last twenty years have been just leading to this point, in an unhappy manner at that. I'm really not seeking intangible things like I may have in my late teen early twenties...that brooding, bad poetry phase, as it were. So, with all that misery out of the way, what now? I'm obviously not climbing the corporate later. (I'd like to piss on all those sad f*@ks, especially the beemer drivers ). A job is but a job. I'm ready for more. But the scary fact is, no one hands you your life on a platter. At least not us normal bloaks. At the risk of sounding cliche, you must create your own destiny. I figured if I put this in writing, it might spawn some type of motivation on my part, holding myself accountable, god knows no one else is going to do it. Goals people! We've got to have goals!! Good luck out there to anyone that may be in the same boat. If you're struggling to do it for yourself, work for yourself, create a legacy for yourself, leave your mark, your signature, and become a true individual...mad props! keep it up. And if you're trying to make junior partner before you thirty, you're a sucker.

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