Monday, June 06, 2005

summer, summer, summertime!

Yeah, back when Will Smith was cool, I think he pretty much summed it up in that song.
Ladies and Gentlemen, summer has descended on 38th Street like Fred Flintstone down the back of a brontasaurus. And for those who don't know, Pittsburgh generally has two seasons; Hot & Sticky and Cold & Grey. And despite the oppressive humidity that rocked Steel Town this weekend, the 38th Street Crew was out and about. Whether it was playing in the garden, runnin' errands on the bicycle, busting out some good ol' fashion ditch digging at Castle Brownskull, or havin' dinner outside with friends...this weekend was action packed! And speaking of dinner with friends, I'd like to shamelessly promote my favorite restaurant for a moment. If you haven't been here yet, do you yourself a favor; grab a bottle of your favorite wine (actually, you better make it two) call your best friends (the more the merrier) and set aside about three hours to relax and eat the most beautiful thai/filipiniano food, served by the most gracious wait staff, and learn what it's like to be treated like royalty for a few hours. Sweet Basil/La Filipiniana is by far the best kept secret in Pittsburgh.
So...hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did. It sure beat staying up til 3am decorating tiny cakes (not that wasn't rewarding). Bring it on Summertime, I'm ready and willing!!!

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