Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Holy Three Day Weekend, Batman!!

Whew!! This was one crazy three day weekend!! Anna and I have been knee deep in frosting for the last 48 hours, and not in a kinky way either. She made (over the last two weeks) 300 individual desserts for a wedding party on sunday night. We were up til 3am on Saturday night putting little bows on the tiny lemon box cakes pictured above. I hope I never see another egg in my life. But, it was a huge success. Everyone raved about the desserts and she's hopefully going to drum up some business from this gig.
After sunday's festivities we treated each other to some good ol' hangover food at Primanti Bros (god, i love that place); then went to check out the new Star Wars flick. Quite awesome in my opinion. So, now we get to spend the whole week cleaning off frosting from almost every inch of 38th Street. All in all, quite a weekend, indeed!!

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