Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Everyday I write the book.

Hey...Yeah, it's hump day. Finally, got around to updating this thing. peep the new links to a couple of my homeboys. And check out Zefrank's site...its the one referenced in Extra Extra. I totally dig his site, it's very groovy.

So, 38th Street had a big ol' Cinco de Mayo humdinger shindig this weekend. Thanks everyone for comin'. I had quite the time. Thanks, also, to everyone who brought beer in lieu of food; my liver thanks you. Seriously though, there was some serious consumption that went on. And the wine did go well with the chicken.
So, if you missed out...sorry. Send me some freakin' email and i'll get you on the list.
Right now I'm thinking, I wonder if there is someone in tahiti reading this and wishing he could come to 38th Street. Wouldn't that be cool? That's the funny thing about the internet. Never assume you are insignificant! Toby Fraley knows what I'm talking about.

So, we're halfway through the week. The sun is shining. I rode three trails in Frick Park yesterday, that I've never seen before. I'm almost done with the dishes from Saturday's party. My girlfriend is the sweetest, most adorable person, ever. There's another weekend right around the corner. LIFE IS GOOD. Can you dig it!

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