Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mi Familia

Hello, hello, hello...is anybody out there? Has everyone has fallen off the face of the earth? Is this a phenomena that only I am experiencing? Is it something I said? I know that I have some tragic flaws, one of which is procrastination, I'm terrible. There's still things I've been meaning to do from years ago.The other one has got to be persistance. I guess that they go hand-in-hand kinda. I can barely keep in touch with immediate family, let alone any of you distant acquaintances out there.
I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has a similar feeling of not keeping in contact. Not sure why. Is it an age thing...a lot of my people are in that deathly late twenties phase. We're not quite techno enough to be constantly emailing and IM'ing each other like kids younger than us. And we're not quite old people, content to be home bodies...or worse...parents!! So, alas, no longer party animals, not quite settled in. I guess that's just how it goes. I'm not trying' to fight the reality of the situation. Nine times outta ten I'd rather just be at home with my sweetheart watchin' flix anyway.
I think what I'm ultimately getting at here is...what the hell is everyone doing. And how are you! Drop a brotha a line once in a while. 38th Street needs to know how it's peeps are hanging. I have the great privledge of having one of the best crews around, honestly, I can catagorically say that the people that I can consider friends right now are some of the most interesting, creative, free-thinking, honest, earnest, and noteworthy individuals that are living in this city right now. And with that...ta da! I have solved the mystery!
It's damn hard to be all those things and still be a social butterfly.
So, forgive my griping about where the hell everyone has been these days. Hell, my last post was ten days ago, where the hell have I been? I guess what I'm sayin' is, for as reclusive as I can be, I'd like to know that everyone is still out there, doing there thing. So peep the blog, post some comments, (this sight is about you too.) know that there's others out there that are thinking of you, and drop them a line...just to say hello.
Oh, and Max...the email's in the mail. Hillary...I'm on that phone tonight. Mikey....Return my calls brother !(i kid, i kid) Everybody's family on 38th Street.


Shellbe said...

Your a doll! With AFA over, I'm definitely down to get together. Altho, soon I'll be a parent and will be chained to the new place. (Yep, I'm serious.) :)

Heidi said...

"or worse...parents!!"

Big jerk.

Think everyone has the same problem keeping in touch. Mine is cyclical, am sure everyone's is. Friends in rotation that come in and out of regular correspondence. There are some I haven't spoken to in years, think about them daily but never get around to calling or writing. In 5 years you probably won't know where I am, so get used to the idea.

Heck you're about to get rotated out of my friend cycle now for the 'parents' comment :)

Can't believe I posted a reponse, seals my fate as a dork.

JColeThomas said...

eeek! you're not really going to disown me are you? that wasn't directed at you...honest. I mean't like our parents...OLD PEOPLE! Old you are not...and hip you certainly are. you've got the only shout out on the sidebar. okay, i'll stop trying to get out of this hole now. and i hope i do know where you are in five years.

thanks...feelin' like a heel now.

JColeThomas said...

Shirley you can't be serious, Shellz? REALLY!!! like OMG! what a historical announcement...and on my blog. I'm totally honorerd.

and I totally just trumped heidi's dorkdum by using the above OMG!


meshell412 said...

As serious as a heart attack. :)

Goes to show life happens whether you like it or not. It's the best news I've had in a long time so whoot whoot!

viva las mamás

Shellz :)