Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Do you guys know about the eBay. It's pretty neat, huh? Thousands of items for sale by thousands of folks just like you and me. It makes you wonder why the heck you would ever buy anything new. It's kinda like when you go to the Gap and you see all that fancy new shit for sale for a hefty price and then you go back there two weeks later and it's all on sale! Kinda makes you feel like a sucker...(and actually anyone who buys shit at full price pretty much is.) Well, eBay is kinda like that too, accept when you realize how much you got ripped off because when you got your thingy at the store it was all fancy and shrink wrapped and as soon as you open it it's pretty much worth about a third of what you paid for it. Sucker. But i guess all-in-all it's better to get twenty bucks for that old PDA you never use then have it just sitting in a closet, right?

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