Friday, September 02, 2005

has anyone else noticed that there's a lot a really crazy shit going on in the world right now. i'm trying hard to fight off my "end of the world" thoughts. but there seems to be some serious aquatic issues lately. and i'm not trying to make light, either. it just feels like we may be on the brink of something really really big, you know? there's other things going on around thirty eigth street these days, too. not to mention i'm off on a friday, which is nice. I guess you could just say its business as usual. Just trying to keep my roll rollin'.

Also, I am really distractable.

by the way there is something wacky going on with my computer. so this the third attempt at a second paragraph. is it me? was it something I said? maybe it's just this fresh new laptop i just got. yeah...not really sure how that happened. it's a little bit like acquiring a new bicycle. which may happen one of these days as well.

yep...something strange is certainly happening here. with the computer its technical. with the rising water, that's environmental. and speaking of environment, its time to head to the mountains! twentyFour hours at 7Springs...can you dig it?
i'm looking forward to seeing some people I haven't seen or hung out with for a while. Plenty of good food and beer to be had, and a whole lot of bike riding, that'll be the next twentyFour for me. So, needless to say, i'm killing some time when there's plenty to do. Gots ta run..

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