Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween, the public, and capitalism

"its the most wonderful time of the..." wait that's christmas. the trick or treat thing is a whole different story. its a clever holiday isnt' it? teenage mothers pushing strollers house to house with a pillow case in hand collecting candy from the working class. kids whose costume is an oversized hoodie and a grocery bag. It's great! The only thing worse then a made up holiday, is a made up holiday that gets bastardized into a "gimme some free shit" freeforall. But with all the morons that make up "the public" its no wonder I'm even able to leave my house half the time, let alone on a day like halloween. Sure there's the folks that painstakingly create their handmade costumes, get their monster mash on at late night parties, and really get into the spirit. but they're few and far between. And honestly...I'm beginning to lose faith. Maybe I'm old, maybe I don't get out enough, or out to the right places, where the spirit is right and the public actually has an IQ over 85. Is that asking too much? Perhaps I'm an elitist (and actually I know I probably am) Maybe none of this has anything to do with Halloween. In fact now I kinda feel bad about taking it out on the holiday in the first place. Perhaps the public is just best left alone...its just that...they're...everywhere!

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