Friday, September 16, 2011

A New Day

ch-outlier-1.jpgIf I put this hat on, will I feel better about myself? If I get a new watch will it tell the time in a different way? Will it make time go faster?  The weather is beginning to change, I've got a sweater on!  In fact this hat would look very nice with it. In Pittsburgh we have seasons, and maybe that effects peoples' personalities or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse, but I sure seems like we're ready for a change around here. I know it seems vain and human to think that putting on new clothes, warmers clothes, layers that cover up who you are somehow makes us different on the inside. Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to get a new hat.  There is such a tension within me to desire these things that I think will somehow change me.  They say change comes from within, so why are we always looking outside of ourselves?
With a determination to achieve the highest aim
For the benefit of all sentient beings
Which surpasses even the wish-fulfilling gem
May I hold them dear at all times.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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