Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I drive around in a van a couple days a week for a couple hours and generally I listen to NPR cause I'm a Socialist, and that's the sorta thing we do. A few stories struck me today. One was based on the recent release of U.S. Census data regarding poverty in this country.

There are more people than ever in this country; unemployed, underemployed, and just plain down-and-out. The rate of impoverished children is even higher which is just depressing. I start to wonder if anyone even cares anymore. Yesterday, On Point Radio ran a story on Bank of America slashing 30,000 jobs. Today UBS Bank in Switzerland caught someone who had stolen $2 Billion, it's no wonder people used to hide their money in the mattress. It's getting back to being that bad. Remember in 2008 when Obama was running a campaign in the midst of the first financial crisis with slogan Yes We Can. The notion of Hope being all that we needed. I wouldn't wish the role of president on my worst enemy. What a terrible situation to find yourself in. Who can possibly be hopeful with the state of this world we are in?
New Census data reveals that poverty in America is at its worst level in three decades. We asked you, does America still care about its poor? We received many responses, including this one, from Seth in New Jersey: "The United States government does not care about its poor, and that's because they don't make campaign contributions."
Jon Stewart's thoughts on employing the nation's unemployed nurses, firefighters, and teachers was to have them stand behind politicians to make them look good during campaigning. Not a bad idea. Bottom line is, it's hard to understand something when you've never come face to face with it. I don't care how grass-roots and for the people you think you are, if you're a politician you are not impoverished and never will be. You have no idea what it's like to be unemployed or even underemployed. It's just not possible.

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