Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The bottom line is, part of the reason this country is doing so poorly economically is that the rich are only concerned about getting richer, or at least staying as rich as they are. And the government is owned by the rich and powerful. Any efforts by anyone to actually "help" anyone is considered to be Socialism or at the least, "Big Government".

Huffington Post summed up this anti-federal stance that the Republicans are taking here.  It's pretty concise, and sure its liberally biased, but apparently if you have a conscious and don't have a trust fund, then you are. In reality a lot of what is happening is that people are actually employed, but they're under-employed. I've gone from having a full time gig that was well paying with benefits to having two, sometimes three or four part-time jobs. And each of these places is a small, very small business just struggling in their own rite to stay afloat. Call Obama what you will, a Socialist, a Liberal, Black...but at least the man is aware of the little guy. It's always spun as politics. I love when politicians say that other politicians are "playing politics". That's what you are all doing!
Please check out American's Elect and start thinking about what is going on in this country.  It's been said that there is a destruction of the middle class going on.  That the rich are getting richer.  The media is blamed for everything, the best way to get away with something is to discredit the source of accusation.  It works both ways, but those with the money have a chokehold on this country, and anyone who thinks the contrary is accused of being a socialist or a liberal crybaby.

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