Tuesday, September 13, 2011


To say you don't have style is to say you don't wear clothes.  Everyone does and everyone has it.  Utimately it falls on how much you have to spend, qualified only by time and money.  I find myself at about the 60% mark.
I don't have a lot to spend on style, nor do i have a lot of time to go hunting for the things i'd like to incorporate into my everyday.  Lately, i've been eyeing things more and more, and having less and less time and money to spend on those things.  But, hey, it's good to set goals.
Here's a couple things on my wishlist.  Also, over at Pavement Shoes, they have great scarves from PreLoved Toronto which are great.  So if anyone wants to loan me a few stacks to go shopping, well at least you know it's in good taste.  There's also The GQ Trend Report: Spring 2011 Wear It Now: GQ.com if you wanna go real big!  
Also, links are as follows. Levi's Trucker Jacket Cadence Collection Trucker Hat Dr.Marten's Drury Boot Apologies, but my html is a little rusty.


Anonymous said...

you CANNOT get into doc martens.

JColeThomas said...

what are you talking about? what's wrong with them? Also, these are nice, they're much less skin-heady then the regular oxbloods.