Monday, April 25, 2005

Chris & Anna: Newlyweds, Rednecks, Intellectuals; Pick Two

Contrary to what it might seem in this lovely photo, these two are probably the two highestly edubacated individuals on 38th Street. Unlike this humble blogger, they value their brain cells and they value helping others. I think the only thing that may actually liken them to rednecks other than this picture is that their current residence is EastKabum, WV. No offense to our neighbors to the South, but it ain't exactly cosmopolitan down there. Some folks are willing to go to great measures to become doctors and brainiacs and stuff. Mad props guys. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you back in civilization sometime soon.

  • Name: Chris May
  • Occupation: Dr. Frankenstein's Right-hand Man
  • Hometown: Hotlanta
  • Passion: Junker Motorcyles
  • Current Project: Professional Commuter for Dr. Love
  • Name: Anna Skold
  • Occupation: Compassionate Vigilante
  • Hometown: Gainsboro, FL
  • Passion: Hotalaskans
  • Current Project: Gross Anatomy

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