Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What's the Point?

So what's the point of this whole blogging thing? It's oddly personal and public at the same time. I mean really, with free speech and all, I could really say anything from, "F#*k George Bush" to, "I like to pee in the shower." But I kinda figured since this blog is titled 38th Street USA I'd start there and work my way out into the world, or at least to a point where I can cover my circle of friends.

  • Where the Hell is 38th Street
Technically, 38th Street is in Pittsburgh, PA in neighborhood called Lawrenceville. www.1662DesignZone.com
I like to refer to it as Larryville, Lawrence is so formal. But really, 38th Street is more a state of mind than anything else. More than a street, more than a house, more than a home even. It's like a metaphysical home base of sorts where anything is possible...Film Festivals, Winter Cookouts, whatever. Really its just a one bedroom apartment, but why not think big.

  • Who the Hell cares?
You know, there's so much homoginization in the media, marketing, and meatpacking that goes on out there its nice to know that maybe somewhere things are different. Now, we're not starting any revolutions or anything, but F*&k the status quo! I like having six bikes in my dining room, I like the fact that my coffee table is a crusty, metal flatbed cart. And I'm not excited when Wal-mart rolls back pricing. I just want my little corner of the universe, and that happens to be 38th Street USA.

  • So What?
So, I guess this blog is off and running. I hope to keep it rolling and keep it interesting, and provide some insight into myself, my friends and my little peice of 38th Street USA. Over the next few weeks I'll get some pictures up here so yinz can have some visuals and attach some faces to names (for those that don't know). I hope to get some feedback from everyone as things progress and maybe even surprise myself a little, by realizing that I may actually have something to offer. We'll see.


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