Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Victim Numero Uno: Michael A. Browne

So this is probably the worst picture I could find of one of my best friends. And before you get all, "oh, that's not very nice to do to your friend" on me, just quit it. Trust me he deserves it. Not in that vindictive, god this guy's such an ass let's make him look like a sucker, kind of a way. It 's more in that, you deserve a weeks worth of noogies lil' brother kinda way. Understand?
But seriously, for a flat-lander this guy's alright. I'll spare you all the gushy details, but I'm sure he'd give me the shirt off his back, but only if I actually deserved it...which, on most days isn't likely.

  • Name: Michael A. Browne
  • Hometown: Culver, IN
  • Occupation: Words (see DirtRag)
  • Passion: Bikes
  • Current Project: Remodeling a house. (see RookieHomeOwner)

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